Workpackage 4

Constitution of a set of common resources for the network

The fourth workpackage deals with the constitution of a set of common resources for the network: it is a constitutive part of the centre of Excellence which is the global objective of the project. The idea is: 

  • To identify resources owned by each partner and which could be useful as a common resource,
  • To develop agreements for sharing these resources with respect to costs, intellectual property rights, etc
  • To organize the use of common resources
  • To specify and develop additional resources as necessary for the future Centre of Excellence. 

Common resources can be of various forms: 

  • Data sets are certainly the most valuable resources to be shared. The interest is to make it possible to compare the results obtained by various researchers on the same data; it is also to share the costs of gathering data and elaborating the metadata necessary for their use
  • Experimental resources are also useful to share: test tracks, equipped test vehicles, traffic test beds which belong to one of the network partners may be made available to others or even in some cases be managed in common
  • Software (simulation, data processing, etc) may also be shared, with various possibilities : open access, proprietary software usable by all partners etc
  • Bibliographic data may also be shared in various ways: free access to databases, or constitution of common bibliographic databases
  • Training material, such as courses, training software, exercises, etc. The ways these various resources will be made available to the global community or limited to Associate Partners or to members of the core group will also be examined.

Workpackage 4 Presentation:

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