1st Training School

This first edition (a tremendous success:  twice as many applicants as spots available) was organized jointly by NEARCTIS and TU0702 COST action. It was held on June 9-11, 2010 at EPFL (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland) on Real-Time Road Traffic Monitoring and Control, and gathered top European and US instructors in the area. The objectives were

  • to provide an opportunity for young researchers and professionals to acquire knowledge on the basics of road network state estimation, modelling and control and
  • to allow trainees to get insight on possible implications of these basics in their own research and application field.

 You can download in pdf format the programme and the list of participants. Below the teaching materials (pdf format).

Framework Hans van Lint, Technical University of Delft

Traffic state estimation (using kalman filtering) Hans van Lint, TUD

  • The adaptive smoothing method
  • The (extended) Kalman filter

Traffic state estimation (particle filter) Mila Mihaylova, Lancaster University

  • Particle Methods for High-Dimensional Traffic Estimation Problems
  • Particle Filters for Vehicles/ Pedestrians/ Object Tracking in Video Sequences

Urban traffic control and bus priority Nick Hounsell, University of Southampton

Traffic and Transit Assignment Michael Bell, Imperial College London

Data fusion Lawrence A. Klein, consultant

Freeway traffic control Markos Papageorgiou, Technical University of Crete (14Mb)

1st Training School Program:


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