The aim of the NEARCTIS Virtual Centre of Excellence (VCE) is to act as a sustainable virtual centre of excellence capable of exploring and advancing societal issues in Traffic Management and control. The NEARCTIS VCE is built upon five types of activities:

  1. Networking activities,
  2. Research collaboration,
  3. Sharing of common resources and knowledge (data, platforms, methods),
  4. Education and training, and
  5. Raise competitiveness and awareness among policy makers and end-users on traffic management and control end enhance industrial innovation in the associated sector.

Comprehensive vision of NEARCTIS VCE

TMGT Presentation:

In order to build a soft structure for perpetuation, the NEARCTIS VCE carried out a partnership with  ECTRI (European Conference of Transport Research Institutes – This partnership’s main objective is create a new Thematic Group on Traffic Management (open to all ECTRI Members).

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